Seasonal Depression – new works by Rich Hall

 “Sometimes you don’t know what you have  when it’s staring you in the face. Youre too worked up on trying to do something different. It eats at you and you run yourself into the ground until you’re not yourself. Then seasons change one by one. . You change into someone you’re not. You lose yourself. You’re in whole.   The trees look different. The people are around you feel different. You’re annoyed by it all. You just have to break free. Then. It happens. You’re free again. You love like you loved before. I present to you  my freedom of that jail called seasonal depression.”

Rich Hall is a veteran of the NYHC scene, booking shows under 1000 Knives Productions for over two decades. He basically booked every band under the sun from the mid/late 90’s onward. He also tends so lend a hand to This is Hardcore Fest, which you may be familiar. In addition he has done design work for a boatload of bands as well. Basically, the dude keeps pretty busy. Formerly a resident of NYC, he currently lives in Tacoma, WA., focusing solely on his art, and family. His previous works range from portraits, to abstract pieces, and we are extremely excited to bring you this unique installation, never before seen, for this exclusive showing.

Duration of the show being up: May 1- June 10