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PMS (3) : An Art Market

Sunday, July 21
Show | 12pm

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN. #owlcheekgivesyoupms and it’s Artscape weekend so hold onto yer butts. Come see the PERIODICALLY occuring art market selling performances, experiences, and wares the like of which you may or may not have ever seen before.

Check out the talent:

Alisa Glenn / Alex Ciardullo
Antoinette Suiter / Tom Puschautz
Brenna O’Grady
Emile Feldenzer
Erin Barach
Kim Sandara
Krystal Krisciunas
Jessica Turner
Johnny Rogers
Mayya Agapova
Mieke Gentis
Melissa Katz / Madelyn Mcclung
Sarah Bolton
Sarah Magida
Sarah Jablecki
Sybil Press
Virginia Warwick

Featuring merch and performances from Sybling and yours truly.

Planned Parenthood, Start Track and Fringe Festival friends will be in the house, this is not to be missed. Tell all your friends about us.