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**New date!** The Death Set (Album Release)

DDM, Pictureplane, TSU Terry, James Nasty

Saturday, November 20
Show | 9:30pm // Doors | 8:30pm
2021 sees the release of The Death Sets’ third album “How To Tune a Parrot”. The album reignites the hell bent energy of the warehouse show. A high energy and high octane mix of punk rock guitars, drums and drum machines coupled with experimental modular synthesis and electronic production. Songs blow up in your face then disintegrate into madness. The Death Set have returned with their best album, exponentially multiplying their previous energy but layered with an honesty, introspection and existential absurdness that catches you off guard.  Very special…


“The first time I heard this I thought we destroyed the speakers in our tour van. Every other time it’s destroyed my plans for a quiet night in. 

It’s a hyperactive, hook filled, party enabling sonic barrage of an album.  It’s as close as you can get to taking amphetamines audibly.”