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Captured! By Robots

Zealot R.I.P., Backslider, Tombtoker

Thursday, October 10
Show | 8:30pm // Doors | 7:30pm

2 kick ass robots, 1 stupid human. Brutal pummeling music. End of story.
But you wanna read more stupid crap? Ok, idiot human.

C!BR has been touring the world since 1997, playing thousands of dive
bars for millions of drunk humans.

In 1996, Jay Vance made the robots because he was extremely
unlikeable, and wanted to play in a band after all his past human
bands hated him. He got to work. Shortly after, GTRBOT666 and DRMBOT
0110 were born. After a horrible accident involving many drugs and a
chemical spill, the Bots became self aware and captured the human, now
renamed JBOT. It was decided that they would travel the country,
rocking out while bent on world domination and humiliating the masked
and chained idiotic human in front of his human peers.

As well, JBOT’s mask was removed, after 15 years of captivity removal
of the mask serves to show how ugly and disgusting the human JBOT
really is.
The Bots and JBOT’s relationship has changed, now they are much more
united in hating humanity. Stockholm syndrome? Maybe… Or maybe you all
just suck really really bad.

C!BR’s newly found united aggression towards humanity has been
channeled into fast n loud music, designed to deafen and destroy, to
pound and pummel, breaking your bones with brutal tones.