As kids, SUMMER SALT knew what they were running toward. Now, they’re ready to ruminate on what they’ve left behind. In a way, the trop-pop duo – singer/guitarist Matthew Terry and drummer Eugene Chung – have been building to their brand-new album, SEQUOIA MOON, ever since jettisoning their Dallas, Texas, hometown for the arts-and-culture oasis of Austin after graduating high school in the early 2010s. The band quickly rose through the ranks of the local Austin scene with their 2014 debut Driving To Hawaii, teeming with both the escapism and recklessness of youth and the composure and charm of ‘60s-era pop, doo wop and bossa nova.


Originally perceived as a Brooklyn based punk band, SURFBORT is proving their cult cool translates coast tocoast. Channeling inspiration from the 80’s punk scene to produce rousing, explosive music, their feedback strafed,guitar-shredding music says no to a digital age full of intolerance; they radiate love and friendship. All are welcome inthe SURFBORT FREAK FAMILY! Touring with The Black Lips after playing the last Coachella, the band has alsoperformed with The Dickies, Royal Trux, White Fang, The Garden, Martin Rev, Tijuana Panthers, The Mystery Lights,to name a few. The band continues to hail acclaim from peers and journalists alike: “The high degree of authenticitythat permeates every aspect of Surfbort’s work makes the band a “distinguishable artistic entity. Live, Surfbort is akinto a stick of dynamite that self-ignites, producing a massive eruption that encapsulates the audience in the mostincredible way. The band’s energy feels far from forced; it is raw to the point of being uncontrollably infectious.”-AMPLIPY MAGAZINE. “Machine gun volley of two-minute shards of sound that pummel you into a giddy mess whileflicking two fingers to authority” – CRACK MAGAZINE. “The last (only) New York Punk band” – W Magazine. TheGuardian compares the band with “The Spirit of Bikini Kill, Pussy Galore, Patti Smith and X”. It’s no wonder Surfbortwas one of the handpicked collection of great bands originally signed to Cult Records, the indie label founded byJulian Casablancas of The Strokes/The Voidz. Surfbort was recently picked up by Iconic rock producer Linda Perry tobe part of her new partnership with streaming giant SOUNDCLOUD, releasing the new album ‘Keep on Truckin’ inOctober of 2021. “There probably isn’t a single word in the English language that describes this feeling that Surfbortcaptures on Keep On Truckin’. It’s like smiling with a fat lip or winking with a black eye or laughing with a set ofbruised ribs. The spirit of perseverance, finding some semblance of happiness after taking a mental/spiritual/literalbeating. This theme throughout Keep On Truckin’: from the album’s title to “Life’s A Joke” (“Nothing’s going my waytoday, but it’s okay”) to the closer, “Cheap Glue,” a mid-tempo song that sees Dani vow to do “anything to help youfind a solution” to a friend’s broken heart.” – HOLLYWOOD LIFE. The music video for “FML” features comedian andband leader/drummer of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen who walks around doing good deeds all day thentransforms into each member of the band saving them from their extreme depression. Pro-skater, Lizzie Armantomakes her directorial debut and co-stars in the music video for “Lot Lizard,” releasing in January 2022 and TonyHawk is slated to star in the video for “Open Your Eyes.” Singer, Dani Miller also recently guested on theGROUPLOVE track ‘Just What You Want’. Surfbort also starred in the 2019 Pre-Fall GUCCI campaign, performing atthe press event and is featured in the FILM DIRECTED BY GLEN LUCHFORD. Singer Dani Miller is also the star of thelaunch of the worldwide campaign for GUCCI BEAUTY. Drummer, Sean Powell was the inspiration behind the leadCharacter the Academy award winning film, Sound of Metal. Surfbort is: Dani Miller- Vocals, Alex Kilgore – Guitar,Matt Picola – Guitar, Nick Arnold – Bass, and Sean Powell -Drums.


Never Ending Fall ‘performing their new EP in it’s entirety!’


Joint Operation is a powerful funky-rock band from Baltimore, MD. This explosive four-piece has made quite a presence up and down the East Coast and through out the Midwest.   JO has been billed with some of the biggest names in the genre. Whether it be reggae, punk rock or funk, this group rocks the house and shows fans how to party. Influences include Beck, Nirvana, Sublime, and many more! Joint Operation values the idea of connecting with others through their music. The band hopes to create music and play live shows to help others forget the struggles of life, and just enjoy living in the moment.


Kill Lincoln is a ska/punk band from Washington, DC The Best of the Worst is a ska-core band from New Jersey. Eichlers is a Hyperska Superstar from Oakland, CA.